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Alloy Carbon

Alloy or Carbon, the Choice is Yours .

Alloy Gravel Wheels

If you are considering upgrading the wheels on your gravel bike, the Xtrail and Enduro models are a great place to start.

These alloy gravel wheels are seriously light, way lighter than the standard production wheels that come on most gravel bikes and the difference in ride quality is amazing.

Xtrail is best for rough road surfaces, rail trails and general dirt roads, they have a light and lively feel and are super comfortable (compliant), which greatly reduces road chatter and trail vibrations.

Enduro does everything the Xtrail does but with a more solid feel. The rims are slightly heavier which allows them to carry more weight making them ideal for 90kg plus loads (excluding the bike) The rim shape is wider, so they are beter suited for running wider, 45mm plus tyre options.

Carbon Gravel Wheels

If you have just read about our alloy gravel wheel options you might be wondering why you would want to, or need to, upgrade to carbon?

Backroads carbon does everything better.

Compared to the Xtrail and Enduro models, these wheels are between 70 grams and 120 grams lighter, you can feel the difference.

Backroads carbon provides advanced handling dynamics and more efficient power transfer. They are stronger and more durable.

What does this mean for general gravel riding?

They accelerate faster with less effort and hold their speed easier. They have the compliance, agility and lively feel of Xtrail combined with the solid, in control feel of Enduro.

Alloy Gravel Wheels

XTRAIL Ultralite Gravel
ENDURO Heavy Duty Gravel

Carbon Gravel Wheels

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