Wheel Repairs and Servicing

Want the job done right? See a specialist.

What We Do

The services we provide are more specialised in nature, problem solving, repairing and building wheels that are beyond your local bike shop mechanic's skills or ability to deal with. If you have been down this path and are stuck, give us a call.

The Equipment We Use

Imagine a brain surgeon working with an old hammer and blunt chisels....

The tools of my trade are all purposeful in design and specific to what I do, specialised equipment, all highly accurate. Precision tools and equipment from the best companies in the world, Morizume (Japan) spoke cutting and threading machine, P&K Lie (Germany) Special 250 wheel truing stands and digital spoke tension gauges (yes we have two of both!), Phil Woods (USA) spoke cutting and threading machine, Craftworx (Australia) one of a kind custom wheel destressing machine, Sapim (Taiwan) spoke tension calibrator.

Work We Perform

  • Custom Wheel Building - from $140
  • Wheel Re-building - from $130
  • Rim Replacements - from $130
  • Hub Replacements - from $130
  • Wheel Balancing & Re-tensioning - from $80
  • Wheel Straightening - from $60
  • Replacing Broken Spokes - from $60
  • Hub Servicing & Bearing Replacement - from $60
  • Problem Solving - Min Charge $50
  • Spoke Cutting and Threading - $1

Please remove tyres, tubes, cassette, and disc rotor before dropping off or shipping your wheel.

Additional charges apply if you require us to do this work for you.

Workshop Details

Please call in advance if you wish to visit my workshop, to arrange a time to visit that suits both of us. If you are not local, you are welcome to ship your wheels to me and I can ship them back to you when they are ready.

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 3:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
NOTE: Visiting my Workshop is by Appointment Only

Unit 3, 19 Redcliffe Gardens Drive, Clontarf, QLD, 4019

Please note, I do not carry out repairs on the spot.
Phone - 0411 310 132
Email - Use our contact form
Location - 76 Mein Street, Scarborough, QLD, 4020

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Craftworx 0411 310 132

Do you repair Carbon Wheels?

Whether your carbon wheel can be repaired depends on what type of damage has occured. Minor surface and sidewall damaged to carbon rims can often be repaired economically and for significantly less than the replacement cost. Repairing structural damage is more involved and costly.

The best place to start is to text me a picture and we can go from there.

What wheel brands do you commonly service?

Hunt, Caden, American Classic, Black Inc, Bontrager, Curve, DT Swiss, Easton, Enve, Reynolds, Fast Forward, Fulcrum, Giant, Irwin, Mavic, Mercury, Pro-Lite, Roval, Shimano, Stans, TWE, Token, Velocity, Vision, Wheelworks, Zipp and all the other ones you have heard of, and all the ones you haven't!

What wheel types do you I repair?

Carbon Wheels, Alloy Wheels, Road, Mountain & Gravel wheels, BMX Street & Race Wheels, Fixie & Track Wheels, Electric & Power Assisted, Recumbents, Tandems, Adult Trikes, Wheelchair wheels

Get In Touch

If you would like more information, or to discuss custom wheel building, give us a call on 0411 310 132.
For out of hours enquiries, fill out the form below and we will get in touch the next business day.