Learn More About Pipeline Alloy Mountain Bike Wheels

When we started designing the Pipeline series, we thought about all the trails we love riding, what makes them great trails to ride and the technical sections that challenge us.

Pipeline is designed to do it all and do it better, improving the way your bike rides and enhancing ride dynamics, giving you more agility and speed on technical climbs, more stability and control on descents.

It's about taking your riding to the next level and making your favourite trails more fun and exciting than you imagined they could be.


Learn More About Carnage Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels

Carnage is for those of us who like to ride the best.

There is just so much you can do with carbon compared to alloy. Don't get me wrong, we love our Pipeline wheels... but... Carnage hoops are NEXT LEVEL in every way imaginable.

More strength for the big hits, lighter on the climbs, more compliance to reduce rider fatigue, more lateral stiffness for better cornering stability and higher engagement hubs and blded spokes for instant power when you need it most.

More control, more confidence, more adrenalin.


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