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Staff Rides - Nathan's Hardtail MTB

Staff Rides - Nathan's Hardtail MTB

Hello, Nathan here!

We love showing pictures of bikes that you, our customers send in sporting their Craftworx wheels. So we thought is was about time we show you what we ride!
 I am currently riding a KTM Myroon Carbon hardtail 29er. I have made quite a few changes to the bike.
I changed the mechanical XT 1x11 over to the Di2 electronic version a while ago, and yes it is very nice, but it doesn't really make me go any faster. (Sad Face)

Then I installed a set of XTrail 29er Boost wheels and that is why I can say with confidence that changing from the stock wheels (DT Swiss X1900 Spline) provided a noticeable improvement. The first run on Waynes World at the local Bunyaville trails on the north side of Brisbane were incredible. Yes they were about 350 grams lighter, but the extra speed I could carry and the control they gave me put a massive smile on my face!!

I also help with the testing of future models of wheels so occasionally you will see a plain black looking set of wheels that could very well end up as the next Craftworx mtb wheel set!!

Nathan's Bike Spec -

Frame - 2017 KTM Myroon 29er Carbon Hardtail
Groupset - Shimano Deore XT 1x11 Di2 Electronic
Wheel Set - Craftworx XTrail 29er Boost Wheel Set - Click here to see more!
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