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Craftworx XTrail Wheel Review

October 08, 2018

Craftworx XTrail Wheel Review

So I finally decided to upgrade the rims on my trusty steed, but what brand and what material carbon or alloy? Any way after considerable research I contacted Craftworx and discussed my choices. After taking with Nathan and discussing that I am not that gentle on my rims the choice was made - 29’ alloy XTrail 32 spoke. Once fitted the difference was immediately noticeable and I overshot a number of corners on my first ride duet to the reduced rolling mass  and increased speed. The rims are stiff but compliant and have given me more confidence in relation to cornering speed and general riding. 
Thanks Craftwork a fantastic set of rims and fast and very professional service. I would recommend you to anyone wondering where to get a great set of aftermarket rims.

This is just before my first ride after fitting.

Above is just after the 3rd day of the recent Terra in the Berra. 


Lightweight mountain bike wheels

for racing and trails

We make high quality, hand built wheels that offer a significant upgrade to stock wheels that come with most new bikes.

At only 1572 grams, these wheels are a lot lighter than the 2.2-2.4 kg wheels companies spec on your quality hardtail or dual suspension bike. This will help you accelerate quicker out of corners and get to the top of the climb quicker than ever before.

The 20mm internal rim width is ideal for tyres up to 2.3 inch and they are ready to run tubeless.

The hub is all new for 2018 and features our new 72 point engagement so your power gets to the wheel quicker. That is up to 4 times quicker than many standard hubs!

Forget about upgrading those brakes, upgrading gears or changing suspension parts, the best 'bang for your bucks' improvement you can make is by changing to a better wheel set!