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REVIEW: Craftworx Gravity Mountain Bike Wheels

REVIEW: Craftworx Gravity Mountain Bike Wheels

A few weeks ago, Andy contacted us about upgrading his wheels. Over the last 12 months or so, Andy had upgraded a lot of different parts of his bike including suspension, drivetrain and brakes, so now it was time for the wheels. Andy's bike was using thru-axle front and quick release rear, so we built his wheels to fit straight onto his bike!

Solid performer. Love the improved grip and handling. All the goods starts from talking to Nathan

"I was on a mission to upgrade my 2014 Giant Trance!
I did one thing at a time, so I can feel there is a positive difference for every part I have changed. When it finally comes to the wheelset. What I want is a 30mm internal width rim, very low maintenance, a fast engagement hub, strong rim that can take a good beating (and my 87kg riding weight), a little lighter, faster, handles better than my original P-XCR2.

I have looked up and down on the internet (like most of other items I have bought so far). I have locked in what I want (on paper spec), but I wasn't sure due to lack of customer review. Did email them but didn't get a useful reply. Their stated warranty condition doesn't seem the best, and crash replacement policy is quite blurry.

Then I stumble at the Craftworx website... and there is a very helpful person I can actually talk to on the phone. (Thanks heaps Nathan) Nathan is very patience. We had a conversation about my bike, what I have changed so far, where I ride, how I ride and my weight etc. He suggested me to go for the Gravity 32h wheelset which would suit my requirements.

I have pulled the trigger 2 days later. I have send him some photo of my bike and he gave me couple of calls for following up. A few days later, a beautifully boxed wheel set has appeared in my house.

Wheel set were packed very professionally with unit Craftworx box. The wheel has been built beautifully. Very nice to touch on hand, light on weight, and the hub makes a beautiful buzzing sound.

2 days later, it is on my Trance, front running Highroller 2 and Ardent back. The first thing I pick up is the lightness when I start peddling, follow by the instant engagement of the hub! Rolling through the Daisy rock garden has never been so easy!!

With significantly wider rim, I can lean and go harder through the berm. The vertical compliance make the ride grips better while the stiffer side compliance give me the confidence I never had before... a feature ..."


Take the A Line.... Go on, you know you want to!

Wheels designed to go hard!

You can have the most advanced suspension design, the latest Shimano or SRAM drivetrain, upgraded and tuned suspension and the most powerful brakes on the market, but if you don't have the wheels, you might as well be riding a BMX!

The wider 30mm internal rim width allows you to run the current crop of enduro/DH tyres for a faster and grippier ride for those rougher trails. Designed with 140mm+ travel dual suspension bikes in mind, these wheels will let you hit the trails harder!

These wheels are also very light AND very strong. At only 1820 grams, the low weight will help you power out of the corners faster yet the strength to be able to take the fastest line.

The hub is all new for 2018 and features our new 72 point engagement so your power gets to the wheel quicker. That is up to 4 times quicker than many standard hubs!

Forget about upgrading those brakes, upgrading gears or changing suspension parts, the best 'bang for your bucks' improvement you can make is by changing to a better wheel set!

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