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Shockmount SL - Handlebar Accessory Mount

$54.98 $109.95 YOU SAVE 49% ($54.97)


 SHOCKMOUNT declutters your handlebars, frees up space for your hands and can be easily installed in minutes!

What is Shock Mount?

Shock Mount is an accessory mount that attaches to the handlebars of your bicycle or motorcycle. It conveniently locates your GPS, Phone, Camera or Light right where you want it and it looks very cool!

What does Shock Mount do?

Shock Mounts patented suspension system reduces road bumps and jarring by up to 80%. Road vibrations can have a harmful effect on the accessories that you mount to your handlebars. Shock Mount minimizes these vibrations while at the same time freeing up your cluttered handlebars.

What can I fit to my Shock Mount?

Shock Mount has the capacity to carry up to 450 grams. The T-Bar design allows you to carry all kinds of accessories. Mobile Phones, Cameras, GPS Devices, Computers, Lights and even a Bell can be conveniently fitted to Shock Mount.

The T-Bar is 93mm wide so there is plenty of room to fit more than one device. Mount your GPS and Phone on top and your light underneath and out of sight!

What is Different about Shock Mount SL?

The Shock Mount SL is a sleeker more technical design that optimizes Weight, Strength and Looks.

To make the original Shock Mount lighter we CNC machined away all unnecessary and excess alloy material from the body and replaced the alloy T-Bar with Carbon Fibre. The Carbon Bar saves weight, increases strength and we think it looks way cooler.

The end result is a “Super Light” Shock Mount that weighs in at under 100 grams, 94grams to be exact!

If you are into saving weight, or simply like having the best, Shock Mount SL is definitely for you.

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