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Ultima SSL | 1361g



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They're everything I'd hoped for!

The wheels arrived, safe and secure, and very neatly packaged in their black box. I went straight to the scales with my current wheels and found 500g (Yep, half a kilo!) was missing from the Craftworx wheels. It took an eternity (4 days) to get out on them, thanks to family commitments. They make a serious difference to my old bike. Climbing doesn't feel any different. As the saying goes, 'It doesn't get any easier, you just go faster.' But, when you slacken off on a flat, rolling around a corner, coming up a slight rise or even cresting a hill and you put the power back on, you are rewarded with 'easy' acceleration. That's where they are seriously impressive. They are just so easy to spin.

Craftworx Ultima -- ultra light & buttery smooth hubs

After riding ~600km on the Craftworx Ultima, including a hilly century ride, I must say I'm totally in love with these wheels! I have a pair of 28mm Syncros carbon wheels with DT Swiss hubs, and the Craftworx Ultima match it in terms of weight, robustness and performance. The ride is smooth, and I'm finding climbing on my Trek Emonda feels more responsive -- dare I say, easier! Kudos to Craftworx for the first class craftsmanship of the Craftworx Ultima!

Unbelievable wheelset.

Dollar for dollar best value investment I've made to my riding experience. Lightweight, smooth and robust wheelset that will last for many years to come. Many thanks to Nathan for guiding me through their range and am very happy with the purchase.

great wheels great service

These new wheels are just excellent - and the service was flawless.

Efforts rewarded

I’ve had my Craftworx Ultima wheels for two weeks and I’m blown away by quality, speed and comfort.
I’ve told my riding buddies Craftworx wheels are crack and cocaine on two wheels (not that I’m experienced in this area). The bike has been transformed from a good ride to an ecstatic ride. On a hill-climbing ride on the weekend I didn’t even have to try to pass everything and accelerate over every crest. I must be in the honeymoon period. The Ultimas are slightly wider than the originals and are wearing the same 25 mm tyres. Ride comfort has been completely transformed with more confidence on the rough stuff and cornering.
My old wheels are now doing sterling service on my commuter and my commuter wheels are doing sterling service on my flat-bar. The Craftworx upgrade has added extra pleasure, speed and comfort right across the bike fleet.