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Ultima Carbon SL60 - Rim Brake Wheels


For the SL60's, every day is race day. This is where all round performance transitions into serious racing.

The focus for the SL60's is increased performance at speed. The obvious advantage here is aerodynamics but there is a lot more to be gained here than that; SL60's are more energy efficient. There are two aspects to this, power transfer and centrifugal force.

Power Transfer: The deeper rim section of the SL60 shortens spoke lengths, increasing torsional and lateral stiffness in the wheels, which in turn transfers power more efficiency. This means it takes less energy to generate more speed.

Centrifugal Force: The slightly heavier rotational mass of the SL60's increases the effects of inertia (momentum) as your speed increases. This means it takes less energy to maintain high speeds.

Advanced Aerodynamics

All of our carbon rims have been designed and tuned using high tech computer programs to create what we term "Aerodynamically Accurate" rim profiles. The deeper you go, the more aerodynamically efficient the wheels will be. How deep you go will ultimately come down to two things, looks and speed; achieving the aesthetic balance you want to create for your bike and how fast you want, or would like, to go.

In general, we recommend SL28, SL38 and SL50 for everyday riding and suggest that SL60, SL85 and SL DISC wheels are better suited for competitive riding. It's a good rule of thumb, but in the end, the choice is yours to make.

Performance Upgrade

If you want to improve the way your bike rides and handles, upgrade your wheels, it will transform your ride and give it new lease on life. Most of my clients say it is like riding an new bike. Faster, improved handling and more fun to ride. But don't believe me, read the reviews, they'll tell you all you need to know.

Rim Depth: 60mm

Rim External Width:27.5mm

Rim Internal Width:Wide 21mm

Compatible Tyre Widths: 25mm - 32mm

Spokes: DT Aerolite  or Sapim CX-Ray Bladed

Nipples: Secure Lock Alloy

Weight: 1609 grams

Supplied with:Tubeless Rim Tape and Carbon Brake Pads

Note: QR Skewers NOT Supplied



Shimano HG
Please leave a note in the checkout section telling me which version you require. If you are not sure, leave it blank and I will contact you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Peter Taylor
Another great looking set of wheels

Bit early for a review but high expectations. This will be my second pair of Ultima hoops. Previous wheels still going well after quite a few years. The new rims mark my transition to disc brakes so can't wait to get the bike built and try out the latest set. Look great out of the box so far and expect the performance to match based on past experience.

Pete Whiter
Amazing wheels

Have always wanted a proper set of carbon wheels but hard to justify the pretty steep prices. Big thanks (& congrats) to the Craftworx team for the 10th anniversary sale for the excuse to take the plunge.
Boy I wish I'd gotten them much sooner, they are amazing in so many ways. Even in the delivery box they're lighter than my lightest current wheelset :)
The bike is now so much more responsive, it just leaps forward and I find myself changing up to an easier gear much less often. Braking performance is remarkable, loads of modulation & power - better than my alum wheels which was a surprise.
Most remarkable though is the increased comfort - I actually checked tyre pressures. Was not expecting that from 50mm deep aero wheels.
Abosutely perfect build quality (of course) & always a pleasure to deal with the Craftworx crew.
Certainly the most lavish bike purchase I've made but worth every cent.
Thanks so much Mark & the team at Craftworx

Juzzy F
So Far So Brilliant!

Very Very VERY HAPPY with these wheels even though it's earlydays. Upgrading from stock wheels on my BMC these have made a huge difference.
Love the smooth rolling of these wheels the sound coming out of my SL38's and the look cool to! Customer service and assistance is second to none as well. Discussing with the Craftworx team prior to purchase made the decision so much easier.

Brad Sayer
Ultima SL28 - positive, light and lively

Super impressed with the new Craftworx wheel set. The SL28s have added a light and lively feel to the bike, particularly under acceleration. They feel great on steeper climbs and respond very positively to each pedal stroke. The ride seems smoother and more sophisticated too, they seem to have added a nice touch of controlled and sympathetic damping to the ride quality. TLDR: great wheel set, would buy again!

Adam Lewis

Lovely people to deal with and great advice, rims are mint! Very happy