Ultima Aero Custom - Super HD - Rim Brake Wheels

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    FAST< STRONG< LIGHT - you can have it all!


    NO WEIGHT LIMIT - Super HD wheels are the strongest wheels we build.

    We have been building HD (Heavy Duty) and SHD (Super Heavy Duty) wheels for clients since 2012. For a lot of reasons I believe these are the wheels that we built our reputation on.

    If you are a heavier rider, or just tough on your equipment, these wheels have been designed just for you.

    Pairing premium quality components with more spokes builds incredible strength and durability into the wheel without detracting from the amazing smooth ride quality and superior rolling speeds Craftworx wheels are known for.


    Hubs: Craftworx Ultima 6 (6-Pawl Mechanism - 72 Engagement Points) are durable and easy to service.

    Freehub Body: Comes with Shimano freehub as standard. Campagnolo and SRAM XDR available on request.

    Rims: Craftworx Ultima 30 Aero - the focus is on strength over weight.

    Spokes: 36 holes Front & Rear. We use Stainless Steel Bladed (Stronger & lighter than round versions) spokes. These spokes keep rotational weight to a minimum while increasing strength and power transfer. Bladed spokes also improve the suspension quality (compliancy) of the wheel improving rolling speeds.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Phil Renshaw
    Ultima Aero

    I bought a set of Ultima Aero wheels which I have now had on my bike for about 3 months. I weigh around 60 ks, love to climb, can hold my own with the bunch on the flat but admint to being a little weak on the descent. Can't say the last bit much these days.
    The wheels have lived up to if not exceeded my expectations. They look good, sound good and feel good to ride on.
    I have recently returned from a 700 km ride in the inland areas of Western Australia where it is safe to say that the road quality is not the best. We rode in high temperatures and strong headwinds, but the wheels did not miss a beat. Over all terrain and in all conditions they performed brilliantly.
    I am very happy with the purchase. I still owe you some photos.

    Ben Cruickshank
    Craftworx Ultima Aero Wheels

    Great wheels! Very comfortable and roll well.

    Excellent wheels

    Purchased the wheels a couple of months ago and can't fault. They roll really well, are pretty light and look good. Great upgrade

    Callum A
    Great acceleration

    I spoke to the guys at Craftworx and discussed my needs, riding 4 days a week year round, 88-90kg and they recommended the Ultima Aero wheels. These are everything it says on the description, fast, song and light. I love them. The acceleration is noticeable, even uphill, passing is a breeze. These have given me the edge I have been looking for. Well done guys, champion wheels!

    Anthony C
    Super light and stable on descents

    I am a casual weekend rider and got these 2 weeks ago to replace the stock whees that came with the bike. First thing the whole bike feels light and fast. Ddi the Cadel People Ride yesterday with 113km and 900m of climbing and really felt the difference. However, the biggest benefit I have seen is that these are very stable in fast descents whereas the stock wheels were not. This has really improved my riding experience. Very happy with the purchase!