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Ultima Aero Super HD | 1655g | 30mm Deep | 22mm Wide


Craftworx Ultima Aero SHD Road Bike Wheelset

Aerodynamics, Speed and Power. Lightweight wheels for bigger, stronger riders

Built as a high performance wheel set for heavier riders, the Aero SHD takes all its parts from the very top shelf to produce a very strong and very lightweight wheel option for those who really need it!

The deeper aero shape of these wheels allows for a much stronger build and the higher spoke counts gives them loads of strength.

The extra power output requires more stiffness in both the front and rear wheels in order to reduce flex.

A STRONG WHEEL SET FOR BIGGER, HEAVIER RIDERS.The extra power a heavier rider will put through the pedals requires every aspect of a wheel design to be carefully considered. We have complete confidence these wheels are strong enough, but we also wanted them tobe a high perfomance option for those rider who just can't ride normal wheels. A deeper alloy rim, strong hubs, bladed spokes (actually stronger and less flexey than normal spokes) and more spokes produces a wheel that can meet the demands of everything from racing to every day riding. If you are used to constantly damaging wheels, this will be the option for you. A true, high performance wheel set for riders needing a stiffer and stronger wheel set.

DESIGNED, TESTED AND BUILT FOR AUSTRALIAN RIDING CONDITIONS.Our Craftworx “Ultima Series” Road Wheels are the very best that we make. Top of the range, lightweight road bike wheels engineered to give you more speed, more comfort and more control in all riding conditions. Suits Riders up to 130kg.

DESIGNED FOR RUNNING WIDER TYRES.The Ultima 22mm wide rims dramatically improves rider comfort; compatible with 23mm – 28mm road tyres. Designed to fit all modern road bikes.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE BOX.Super lightweight quick release skewers. Tubeless compatible rim tapes. 2 Pairs of specially formulated brake pads for optimal braking performance in all weather and riding conditions. Wheel care instructions.


Our 2 Year Warranty is Exclusive to Craftworx Complete Wheels

Warranty valid for 2 years from the original date of purchase. More details are on our warranty page.


Rim - Craftworx Ultima 30 Aero Road Bike Rims - Tubeless Ready Design

Height - 30mm

External - 22mm

32 Hole Front / 32 Hole Rear

36 Hole Front / 36 Hole Rear

32/32 - TBA

36/36 - TBA

Hub Model - Craftworx Ultima

Bearings - Precision oversized Sealed Bearings

Freehub - Shimano/Sram 10/11 speed or Campagnolo

Sapim CX-Ray Stainless Steel

Sapim Aluminium Polyax Secure Lock


23mm - 28mm

Riders over 110kg's

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ultima Aero

I bought a set of Ultima Aero wheels which I have now had on my bike for about 3 months. I weigh around 60 ks, love to climb, can hold my own with the bunch on the flat but admint to being a little weak on the descent. Can't say the last bit much these days.
The wheels have lived up to if not exceeded my expectations. They look good, sound good and feel good to ride on.
I have recently returned from a 700 km ride in the inland areas of Western Australia where it is safe to say that the road quality is not the best. We rode in high temperatures and strong headwinds, but the wheels did not miss a beat. Over all terrain and in all conditions they performed brilliantly.
I am very happy with the purchase. I still owe you some photos.

Craftworx Ultima Aero Wheels

Great wheels! Very comfortable and roll well.

Excellent wheels

Purchased the wheels a couple of months ago and can't fault. They roll really well, are pretty light and look good. Great upgrade

Great acceleration

I spoke to the guys at Craftworx and discussed my needs, riding 4 days a week year round, 88-90kg and they recommended the Ultima Aero wheels. These are everything it says on the description, fast, song and light. I love them. The acceleration is noticeable, even uphill, passing is a breeze. These have given me the edge I have been looking for. Well done guys, champion wheels!

Super light and stable on descents

I am a casual weekend rider and got these 2 weeks ago to replace the stock whees that came with the bike. First thing the whole bike feels light and fast. Ddi the Cadel People Ride yesterday with 113km and 900m of climbing and really felt the difference. However, the biggest benefit I have seen is that these are very stable in fast descents whereas the stock wheels were not. This has really improved my riding experience. Very happy with the purchase!