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June 25, 2019

Cannondale synapse carbon craftowrx ulitma disc 30 road bike wheels lightweight

Doug came to us about an upgrade to his current stock wheels on a Cannondale Synapse disc bike. The wheels that come as standard spec on a like like this are typically heavy, provide dull performance and often not ideally suited to the rider. In this case they were 2259 grams, so they are definitely very heavy for a well spec'd carbon road bike! 

After a chat we built up some Craftworx Ultima Disc 30 wheels with upgraded bladed spokes that come in at 1604 grams with 28 spokes front and rear so we have increased the strength, taken a chunk of weight out, and they will also be more enjoyable to ride.

Cannondale synapse carbon shimano 105 craftworx ultima disc 30 review

Well Doug has picked them up and they are on his bike and he was nice enough to let us know his first impressions!

'I took the new hoops over Coot-tha on the way home and am very happy. They felt light, rolled very well, and responded to effort both going up and on the flat. At 35kph+ they seem to disappear - there is no drag to notice - and on the descent they feel rock solid (admittedly only 60kph). They sound as good as they look. Looking forward to putting some ks into these!'

cannondale synapse carbon craftworx ultima disc 30 review