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Review: Craftworx Ultima Carbon C50 Road Wheels

Review: Craftworx Ultima Carbon C50 Road Wheels

Craftworx Ultima Carbon C50 Review | By Luis From Sydney

Shut up and take my money!

I have branded Zipps and generic Chinese carbon wheelsets. I wanted a 50mm carbon clincher I can use for fast bunch rides and maybe a crit race or ITT down the line. I researched and found CraftworX online. I rang them up first and the guys were very helpful answering my questions. The Ultima C50 was on special. I bought it and it came after 5 days. Packaging is superb with complete instructions including kool stop brakepads and skewers. Premium proper packaging too.

The wheelset carbon finish is superb. Brake track is of different colour but all contoured as a whole with that U shape aero wide rim design I am looking for.

The spoke tension is just right. No pinging, no noisy flex some other handmade wheelsets have. The spokes are stiff and I couldn’t flex it.

The wheelset is light. It’s just as good as my Zipp 606 in holding speed above 30-40kph even on training Gatorskin folding tyres.

The hubs are smooth rolling. Koolstop pads are what it is. Quality. I can’t comment on the skewers as I have Ti skewers I am using.

Summary: if you are on the fence if you should buy...BUY! Buy deep, buy now!

Craftworx Ultima Carbon C50 review

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