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Craftworx Tech - Craftworx Ultima Carbon Wheels are UCI Tested and Approved

Craftworx Tech - Craftworx Ultima Carbon Wheels are UCI Tested and Approved

Our Craftworx Ultima Carbon wheels are UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale)  approved. Sounds great but what does it actually mean?

If you line up in a race sanctioned by the UCI, the technical officials can inspect your equipment and check to see if your wheels have been approved for use in the highest level of competition, otherwise you may have to scramble for another set of wheels or not be allowed to start the race.

Luckily the Craftworx Ultima Carbon wheels are tested, an approved by the UCI.

But for most of us, what does UCI approved actually mean? Well the testing procedure is actually an impact test to make sure that your wheels are up to a certain strength standard. The test involves dropping a set weight onto a bare rim and insuring it can withstand the impact. The wheel is then analysed to ensure it not only doesn't break, but holds its shape to certain tolerances.

 Above - Craftworx Ultima Wheels being UCI Tested

This data along with the test videos are then sent to the UCI where they are certified and listed on the 'List of UCI Approved Wheels'. Our Ultima Carbon wheels were approved in July 2017 and you can find them listed on the official UCI site.

Craftworx UCI Approved wheels list

So the UCI Approval is a necessity for some, but piece of mind for the rest of us who can only dream of lining up against the best riders in the world.

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