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Jason gave us a call about some wheels as he was thinking about our Ultima 25 SL alloy wheels. At only 1396 grams, they certainly look the goods, but our discussion confirmed these would be a great choice, given the riding terrain, physical attributes and his bike. These are built with the very best and lightest components we have with our Ultima SL hubs (248 grams a pair), Sapim CX Ray spokes and alloy nipples. Here is Jason's review:

'It's critical for Australia to support a vibrant and competitive manufacturing industry. 'With Craftworx building industry leading wheels, in Brisbane, taking on the big name competitors, it was as much an ethical as well as competitive price point choice to purchase a wheelset from them.



craftworx wheel review ultima 25 sl lighteight alloy road bike wheels

When ordering a set of Ultima 25 SL wheels I was pleasantly surprised to speak with the Craftworx manufacturing team directly. They had wheels built to my precise needs the very next day and shipped that afternoon with online tracking. Try doing that with a name brand made in a Taiwan sweat shop! The wheels arrived safely packed in clever recyclable cardboard with everything I needed including skewers, pads, warranty and care instructions. Fitting tires, cassette and all alignment on the bike was straight forward, these wheels adhere nicely to notoriously tight gear and braking tolerances. The Ultima 25 SL wheels were perfectly trued, tensioned with silky smooth hubs. The all black finish was without a blemish, and the black braking surface a lovely design touch. These are wheels of extremely high build and component quality, made by hand, in Brisbane.



However, in the end it comes down to the ride, which was stunning. The Ultima 25 SL are light, responsive, accelerate well, are sure and stable. There is nothing like riding a bike with fast wheels. These are as good or better than highly priced brand name wheels I have ridden and raced over the last 5 years. Craftworx deliver and most importantly support their product. Noting the care that went into designing and building these wheels, I will be using Craftworx to service all of my wheels. Do yourself a favour, get behind Australian innovation, and enjoy a better product and service experience.'



craftworx wheel review ultima 25 SL alloy road bike wheels

Jason also added some sleek Craftworx Carbon bottle cages!

Craftworx Wheel Review ultima 25 SL road bike wheeks        craftworx wheel review ultima 25 sl road bike wheels

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