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REVIEW: Craftworx Ultima Carbon SL Road WHeels

REVIEW: Craftworx Ultima Carbon SL Road WHeels

'As Christmas approached I was thinking of a present for myself when the Craftworx email hit my inbox. I had dithered for a while over carbon wheels and having seen the offers I decided to commit.

I rang Craftworx and talked to Nathan to discuss my height, weight, type of bike, where I ride and how much I ride. With confidence I selected the ULTIMA AERO SL CARBON ROAD BIKE WHEELSET. Nathan rang me prior to the build to discuss a few final details and as promised the wheels were delivered several days later. The wheelset arrived in a well-designed sturdy package that was obviously designed for transport and protection.

On removal the wheels spun straight and true. I have now ridden approximately 300kms on these wheels on the flat, in headwind, crosswind and tailwinds on the flat and on some climbs and am compelled to say that they work as advertised.

It is interesting to note the reduced effort required to maintain a speed by having these wheels fitted.

The 38F/50R rim depth was of concern in the windy rides, however, it was of no concern, at no time could I feel the wind trying to move the bike or wheels about.

My consideration is that unless you are a sponsored rider Craftworx is a quality product that you can purchase and use with complete confidence.

John, Sunshine Coast. QLD.'

Thanks John!!

Craftworx Carbon wheel Review



Looking to go faster?  Then look no further.

At 1423 grams, the Craftworx Ultima Aero SL is the new standard for speed on two wheels. Weʼve distilled the very essence of riding fast into pure carbon fiber pleasure without making a single compromise on stiffness or durability.

Whether youʼre a budding amateur, a hardened rouleur, or a rider with a deep affinity for all-day soul rides in the mountains, the Ultima Aero SL is built to deliver effortless aerodynamics and best-in-class power transfer.

The 38mm deep front wheel provides crosswind stability while the 50mm deep rear wheel generates and maintains airflow attachment, reducing drag and thereby keeping your speeds higher for longer.

With varied depth, low weight, and bomber durability, the Ultima Aero SL achieves a rare trifecta of qualities that admit them to the hallowed pantheon of truly versatile wheelsets. Climb, descend, or prowl the flats with confidence knowing that youʼre ready for whatever the road can throw at you.


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