Ultima Carbon SL85 - Disc Brake Wheels

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    SL85  =  Pure Speed

    WARNING:  These wheels are FAST!

    The SL85's are designed for serious racing and experienced riders. This is the most design specific road wheel set we manufacture. If you are not competing in triathlons or club time trials, there are other models that will be better suited to your needs.

    The SL85's have a single design purpose, to go faster for longer, using less energy. To achieve this we focused on four key design elements.

    1. Power Transfer: The deeper rim section of the SL85 shortens spoke lengths, increasing torsional and lateral stiffness in the wheels, which in turn transfers power more efficiency. This means it takes less energy to generate more speed.

    2. Centrifugal Force: The heavier rotational mass of the SL85's increases the effects of inertia (momentum) as your speed increases. This means it takes less energy to maintain high speeds.

    3. Compliance: Optimizing wheel suspension "compliance" is the key to achieving faster rolling speeds. The smoother your wheels roll over irregularities in the roads surface, the less they bounce and faster they roll. The SL85's carbon rim was designed to provide a higher level of compliance creating a smoother faster feel.

    4. Advanced Aerodynamics: SL85's outer shape were designed using high tech computer programs to create what we term, an "Aerodynamically Accurate" rim profile. There is a limit to how deep you can take a design and 85mm is the sweet spot.

    Rim Depth: 85mm

    Rim External Width: 27.5mm

    Rim Internal Width: Wide 21mm

    Compatible Tyre Widths: 25mm - 32mm

    Spokes: DT Aerolite  or Sapim CX-Ray Bladed

    Nipples: Secure Lock Alloy

    Weight: 1795 grams

    Supplied with: Tubeless Rim Tape

    Shimano HG
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