Ultima Carbon SL60 - Disc Brake Wheels

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    For the SL60's, every day is race day. This is where all round performance transitions into serious racing.

    The focus for the SL60's is increased performance at speed. The obvious advantage here is aerodynamics but there is a lot more to be gained here than that; SL60's are more energy efficient. There are two aspects to this, power transfer and centrifugal force.

    Power Transfer: The deeper rim section of the SL60 shortens spoke lengths, increasing torsional and lateral stiffness in the wheels, which in turn transfers power more efficiency. This means it takes less energy to generate more speed.

    Centrifugal Force: The slightly heavier rotational mass of the SL60's increases the effects of inertia (momentum) as your speed increases. This means it takes less energy to maintain high speeds.

    Advanced Aerodynamics

    All of our carbon rims have been designed and tuned using high tech computer programs to create what we term "Aerodynamically Accurate" rim profiles. The deeper you go, the more aerodynamically efficient the wheels will be. How deep you go will ultimately come down to two things, looks and speed; achieving the aesthetic balance you want to create for your bike and how fast you want, or would like, to go.

    In general, we recommend SL28, SL38 and SL50 for everyday riding and suggest that SL60, SL85 and SL DISC wheels are better suited for competitive riding. It's a good rule of thumb, but in the end, the choice is yours to make.

    Performance Upgrade

    If you want to improve the way your bike rides and handles, upgrade your wheels, it will transform your ride and give it new lease on life. Most of my clients say it is like riding an new bike. Faster, improved handling and more fun to ride. But don't believe me, read the reviews, they'll tell you all you need to know.

    Rim Depth: 60mm

    Rim External Width:27.5mm

    Rim Internal Width:Wide 21mm

    Compatible Tyre Widths: 25mm - 32mm

    Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray Bladed

    Nipples: Secure Lock Alloy

    Weight: 1649 grams

    Supplied with:Tubeless Rim Tape


    These Wheels are hand built - hubs and spokes in matching colours: Anodised Blue Hubs and Nipples - BONUS Ceramic Bearings

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    These Wheels are hand built - hubs and spokes in matching colours: Anodised Blue Hubs and Nipples - BONUS Ceramic Bearings

    Customer Reviews

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    Bought these as an upgrade to the heavy aluminum stock wheels on a new bike. The difference is night and day. These are lighter, corner better, and hold their speed so well. Every ride so far has put a smile on my face.