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In The Workshop - P&K Lie Truing Stands

In The Workshop - P&K Lie Truing Stands

All Craftworx wheels are hand built. Hand building ensures a perfect build each and every time and allows for some fine tuning to suit an individual riders needs.
Building as many wheels as we do requires accuracy and precision, and the only truing stand up to the job is the beautiful P&K Lie stand with the 250 Special gauges.

P&K Lie Truing Stand Gauge Craftworx            

Crafted from aluminium with brass fittings, the P&K Lie stand comes from a small company in Germany who make precision wheel building equipment. Unlike most truing stands that rely on a tabs touching the rim and keen eye to see where a rim needs to be trued, the P&K Lie stand uses highly accurate gauges to give you a quantifiable measurement of the position of the rim in both the side to side movement (lateral) and the roundness (Radial)  to make sure every wheel build goes out perfect

P&K Lie Truing Stand Logo Craftworx           
The stand is equipped with their upgraded gauges that measure down to 25/1000th of a millimeter, that is 0.025mm so it is extremely accurate! We have just added a second one of these stands recently to increase build volumes and make sure we keep building wheels to the standard Craftworx is known for!

We have lots more goodies in the workshop, so keep an eye out for some more features in the near future!

Craftworx Fortitude Valley Workshop
Above - The Craftworx workshop in Fortitude Valley
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