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Craftworx Tool Bottles - Complete Your Ride with Craftworx Accessories

Craftworx Tool Bottles - Complete Your Ride with Craftworx Accessories

When it comes to our bikes, most of us carefully pick and choose every part. Whether that is to upgrade the performance and handling of our steeds, or just make them look better, we try and do both.


Obviously Craftworx is a wheel specialist, but we often see very expensive, custom built bikes with el-cheapo bottle cages and bottles that your 4 year old got given to them as the local school fete! We want you to have the very best performance, and coolest looking kit for your bike, so we designed some accessories to match your wheels, but also work beautifully! And lets face it, you can never have too many bottles or socks!! 


I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to things on my bike so these tool bottles are a great way to carry your spare tubes, CO2's and levers. Saddles bags can be bulky and the rattle of the bits inside can be annoying so put all your spares in the bottle and fill any remaining space with piece of old towel. The towel will stop everything from rattling and you will have something to wipe your hands with instead of your best cycling knicks!

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