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Cannondale AI Wheel Offset

Cannondale AI Wheel Offset

Always trying to improve the way bikes are designed, some Cannondale models feature a offset wheel build to allow for shorter seat stays and therefore improved handling.

Typically wheels are 'dished' central to the axle of the hub so that it is symmetrical. The Cannondale AI offset design shifts this 'centre' line 6mm over. It isn't going to make the wheel off centre in the frame, the frame is designed around this so when your wheel is in the bike it looks completely normal.

Cannondale AI offset compatible wheels

Typical models using this design are Synapse, SuperX, the new Topstone Gravel, Scalpel mtb.

We have some specific tools that allow us to build these wheels with extreme accuracy.

Most Cannondale owners don't normally know if their bike features this rear end design, so if you are unsure, let us know and we can help find out whether we need to adjust the build to fit your bike.


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