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REVIEW - Craftworx C36 Wide Carbon Road Wheels

REVIEW - Craftworx C36 Wide Carbon Road Wheels

Before Ty had even ridden his new Trek Domane road bike, he was in to discuss a wheel upgrade. Yes, a road bike comes with new wheels when you buy it, but they are rarely suited to you or the riding that you are doing.

After a chat with Ty about the riding he was planning to do, the tyre size he wants to use and what he really wanted to get out of the bike, we advised he look at the Craftworx C36 wide carbon road disc wheels. We built up a set and a few days later he was ready to go.

'Got some Ultima C36 wide disc wheels for my new Trek Domane and...... WOW! Never had carbon wheels before. I feel like I can glide up hills without pedalling! I reckon I have instantly gained about 2-3 kmph on my average speed just from the wheels. So smooth and just keeps rolling. Thanks Craftworx!!!' ( Via Facebook)

Your welcome Ty!!

If you would like to upgrade your new or existing bike, give us a call or pop in and see us and we can show you the options we can build for you!

craftworx wheel review trek domane carbon disc road wheels

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