Craftworx Carbon Brake Pads

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    Craftworx Carbon Brake Pads - Front and Rear (SET)


    Comes with 4 brake pads for two wheels

    Designed specifically for use on carbon wheels, our high performance brake pads work quietly and efficiently in both wet and dry riding conditions.

    Developed by KoolStop in the US, these replacement brake pads have been specifically formulated for use on all Craftworx Ultima carbon wheels.

    Installation Tips:

    Following these simple tips will help you get the most out of your carbon brake pads.

    Prior to using your new bake pads, clean the braking surface on your rims thoroughly, ensuring any build up on the rims has been removed.

    Be sure to run your new brake pads in before hitting the hills. It takes a few rides for the brake pads to settle in so don't go hard on them straight away or you will dramatically reduce the life of the pads.

    Don't toe the pads in. The brake pads should be installed so they contact flush with the brake surface, toeing the pads in will reduce braking performance and make your pads squeal.

    Mount the pads as close as possible to the bottom of the braking surface of the rim. 



    To increase the life of the pads, regularly clean your rims and remove any brake pad build up.

    Regularly inspect the brake pads for foreign materials as these can damage the carbon braking surface.

    The life span of the brake pads can vary but as a general rule we recommend replacing them every 10,000kms


    Weight: 18g (per pair)


    IMPORTANT : If you own Craftworx Ultima Carbon wheels, these are the only brake pads you should be using. Failure to do so will void your warranty! 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Great carbon rim brakes.


    Craftworx Ultima Carbon Brake Pads

    Robert Wilson
    Craftworx Ultima Carbon Brake Pads

    These work well when new. Wearing extremely quickly and become very noisy. 1st pair lasted ~ 600km (hills and descents). 2nd pair almost shot after peaks challenge.

    Peter Taylor
    Ultima Brake Pads

    These pads are required for use on my 2nd Gen ultima carbon wheelset which themselves are honestly the best wheels I have ridden in 40 yrs of road riding. The pads are reliable in wet and dry conditions and have very good stopping power. I do find that they occasionally have a squeal as you come to a final stop but if I keep them and the rims clean this is minimised or stops completely. So just stay on top of regular maintenance. Great products and service from Craftworx

    Mike Joss
    Brake pads

    Very efficient and quick