Craftworx Ultima Replacement Brake Pads - Carbon Rims

Weight: 18g

Craftworx Ultima Brake Pads for Ultima Carbon Rims


Replacement brake pads specifically formulated for use on Craftworx Ultima Carbon Wheels. If you are riding on Ultima Carbon wheels, these are the only brake pads you should be using!

Our Ultima ( Carbon Wheel ) brake pads were developed in conjunction with the KoolStop Testing and Research Laboratory in the US. Over 3 months they tested 253 different compounds against our Ultima Carbon wheels for enhanced braking performance in all weather conditions.

WARNING : You must use these brake pads on Ultima Carbon wheels. Failure to do so will void your warranty! 

Weight: Only 18g (per pair)

 Compatible with Shimano and Sram brake calipers

Manufactured for Craftworx by KoolStop