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KoolStop Alloy Brake Pads


KoolStop Brake Pads - for Alloy Wheels - Front and Rear (SET)

Comes with 4 brake pads for two wheels


Instant braking performance upgrade.

These high tech brake pads will dramatically improve braking performance.

Developed by KoolStop in the US, these high performance brake pads have been specifically formulated for use on alloy braking surfaces. The dual compound formula provides superior, all weather, braking performance in both wet and dry riding conditions.

Installation Tips:

Following these simple tips will help you get the most out of your new brake pads.

Prior to using your new bake pads, clean the braking surface on your rims thoroughly, checking for rim wear and damage and ensuring existing brake pad build up on the rims has been removed.

Toe the pads in. The brake pads should be installed so the leading edge contacts first. This will give a more graduated feel and stop the pads from squealing.

Mount the pads as close as possible to the middle of the braking surface of the rim. 



To increase the life of the pads, regularly clean your rims and remove any brake pad build up.

Regularly inspect the brake pads for foreign materials as these can damage the alloy braking surface.

The life span of the brake pads can vary but as a general rule we recommend replacing them every 10,000kms.


Compatible with Shimano and Sram brake calipers.

Weight: Only 18g (per pair)

Customer Reviews

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Richard (Adelaide)
Brake Pads for Ultima Wheels

Have only been using new brake pads with new Ultima wheels for a couple of weeks, but the feel and grip of the pads is much better than I have ever used before (bog standard shimano pads). Can't comment on long term performance at this stage, but first impressions are very positive.