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Staff Rides - Mark's Baum Espresso

January 21, 2019

Craftworx Baum Carbon road bike wheels staff bike

Mark is not one of those people in the bike industry that has dozens of bikes and turns them over every 3 months. He has a couple of very special road bikes that he loves. The first is this custom made steel frame from Baum in Geelong.

Custom made many years ago, this Baum is a work of art with perfect welds and a impeccable paint job. Baum don't use stickers, so all the graphics on the bike are painted by hand, and the results are stunning. Baum has an international reputation for producing some of the best hand made bikes on the planet and they have a waiting list to buy!!

Built with 'Old School' Campagnolo Record 10 speed and Zipp Carbon bars and stem, this is a high end build that is standing the test of time. Although (like Mark himself) the bike is getting on a bit in age, it still holds its place along side the young guns (like Mark too!).

As chief tester and designer, who knows what wheels he has on his bike as he is often working on prototype wheels many months ahead of release but currently he is using a set of the classic looking TB14 wheels with out Limited High Flange hubs (all in polished silver) and also has a set of the Craftworx Ultima Aero SL wheels.

Above: Mark's Custom Baum Espresso Steel Bike with Craftworx Ultima Aero SL

You might be wondering if we use any 'better' parts on our own wheels? Well the answer is no. That is because each wheel model goes through testing and development to get the build right, so the better parts are already on the wheels that you can buy!!

Mark's Bike Spec's

Frame - Custom made, Hand Painted Baum Espresso Steel - Made In Geelong

Groupset - Campagnolo Record 10 Speed

Bits - Zipp Carbon bars and stem, Craftworx Carbon Cages and Soft Squeeze Bottles

Wheels - Generally Top Secret, but other times TB14's with High Flange Hubs (SEE HERE) and Craftworx Ultima Aero SL (SEE HERE)

Music - Def Leppard, Kiss, Whitesnake, Magnum, Boston, Journey.... Basically if they had big hair and were in the 80's!