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Craftworx Ultima SL Omnium
Track/Fixie Wheel Set

Very light, stiff and strong track wheels.

While weight isn't as critical as out on the road, it is still important. At only 1684 grams these wheels are light however we haven't sacrificed stiffness or strength, making these the ultimate alloy track wheel set for just about any rider, in any discipline on the velodrome.

This is achieve by using our very light Ultima 23 rim, the super smooth Omnium high flange hubs and building them with 32 DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes and alloy nipples in each wheel. The result is a fast track wheel set guaranteed to get all of your power down!


SL MEANS SUPER LIGHT - Taking the very best and lightest components we have and building the Ultimate set of track wheels. Our Ultima 23 rims weigh only 410 grams each (lighter than most carbon rims) so when you pair them with the very light DT Swiss Aerolite spokes that are nearly half the weight of a conventional spoke yet stronger, you get a very fast, stiff track wheel set. The low weight will help you take off from the blocks with much quicker acceletation while the bladed spokes don't create as much drag giving you a faster wheelset.

READY FOR THE TRACK OR THE ROAD- While the performance benefits of the Ultima SL is going to help on the track, the wheels also have a braking surface and flip flop hub design, making them an ideal wheel set for fixie or single speed riders looking to upgrade.

HAND BUILT QUALITY- Every Craftworx wheel is hand built by our Master Wheel builders right here in Brisbane. When an order comes in, the parts are picked and each wheel is measured and prepared for a high quality build using the best equipment available.



WARRANTY.Our no hassle warranty covers your wheels for a period of 12 Months from when you buy them.


Rim - Craftworx Ultima 23 Alloy

Height - 23mm

External - 23mm

32 Hole Front and Rear

FRONT 784g - REAR 900g - COMBINED g

Weights may vary by up to 25g per wheel

Hub Model - Craftworx Omnium Track/Fixie Flip Flop

Bearings - Precision Sealed Bearings for smooth, fast rolling and maximum durability

Cog Fitment -The Flip Flop design can accomodate either a fixed cog or single speed free wheel (Not Supplied)

DT Swiss Aerolite Bladed Stainless Steel - Silver

DT Swiss Alloy - Black

Presta - Suitable Valve Length 48mm

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