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Craftworx Ultima Hubs - Blue

Weight: 248g

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Weight: 248g

or make 4 interest-free payments of $124.50 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info

Craftworx Ultima Hubs are the Lightest, Fastest road hubs we make.

If you’re building high-end custom road wheels and are looking for something special, our Ultima hubs are the perfect choice.

The aesthetically clean, minimal design of our Ultima hubs matches them perfectly with most modern frames. The minimalistic design also means they are seriously light. At a combined weight of 248 grams, Craftworx Ultima Hubs are one of the lightest road hub sets on the market!

Ultima Hubs are available in three colour options, Matt Black, Bright Anodised Red and Bright Anodised Blue. Blend in or stand out.

Designed and Tested in Australia by Craftworx

The Design

The design brief for our Craftworx Ultima Hubs… Design the lightest, fastest road hubs possible.

Engineering for the Ultima hubs was built around creating a smooth flowing design that would work in an efficient and uncomplicated manner. Low friction, high-speed Enduro bearings were chosen for performance and reliability.

Quad Bearing System

The front hub was designed with four bearings, two on each side, rather than the traditional two bearings used by other manufacturers. Using four bearings allowed us to use a slimmer, low profile design that would be extremely light (only 66 grams) while at the same time increasing lateral stiffness, speed, strength and durability.

Weighing in at 182 grams, the Ultima rear hub is light! Aesthetically clean in design, we set out to minimise excess material. Four Enduro bearings are located in strategic points in the hub and cassette body to evenly distribute load and optimise power transfer. The T6 hardened alloy through axles reduce weight and increases overall strength and lateral stiffness.

Craftworx Ultima hubs are Designed for J-Bend spokes. J-Bend spokes are easy to replace during servicing and readily available from your LBC [Local Bike Shop].

Freehub Body

To follow the current trend for faster engaging hubs with more teeth and more pawls, we would have to compromise on durability and strength of design. After analysing and testing, we found that 3 synchronised pawls engaging simultaneously was the ideal combination for a light smooth and not too noisy mechanism.


High performance hubs require servicing to keep them running at their best. We recommend having your Ultima hubs serviced every 10,000 kms.

The low friction, high-speed Enduro bearings used in our Ultima Hubs have an optimum working life and should be checked, and when necessary, replaced during the service.

Freehub bodies should be checked for wear and when necessary replaced during servicing. Modern cassette designs tend to “bed in”, creating grooves in the hardened alloy body. Over time and use grooves become deeper, making it hard to remove and replace the cassette.

We carry replacement bearings and cassette bodies for our Ultima Hubs, they are available on our web site and are affordable to replace.



  • Type : Craftworx Ultima Hubs - Black
  • Drillings Front : 20H
  • Drillings Rear : 24H
  • O.L.D Front : 100mm
  • O.L.D Rear : 130mm
  • Materials : Body AL - Axle  - Freehub
  • Freehub Compatibility : Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo 11, 10, 9 Speed
  • Freehub Engagement : 3 Pawls Synchronized
  • Finish : Corrosion Protecting Anodized Finish, Laser Etched Logo
  • Bearings : Sealed - Front x 2 - Rear x 4
  • Front Hub Weight : 66 grams
  • Rear Hub Weight : 182 grams


  • Lacing Patterns Front : Suitable for Radial or Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Drive Side : Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Non Drive : Radial or Cross
  • Spoke Type : J-Bend
  • Spoke Gauge : 14G - 2.0mm
  • Spoke Tension : Maximum 100 kgf
  • Recommended Rider Weight : Up to 100 kg
  • Recommended Use : Road

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