Ultima Carbon 12K DISC - Disc Brake Version

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    Pure Speed

    WARNING:  DISC wheels are FAST!

    The Ultima 12K DISC has a single design purpose, to enable you to ride faster for longer, using less energy.

    To achieve this we focused on 3 key design elements.

    1. Power Transfer: Underneath the perfectly laid 12K carbon skin increasing torsional and lateral stiffness in the wheels, which in turn transfers power more efficiency. This means it takes less energy to generate more speed.

    2. Centrifugal Force: The heavier rotational mass of the DISC increases the effects of inertia (momentum) as your speed increases. This means it takes less energy to maintain high speeds.

    3. Advanced Aerodynamics: DISC outer shape is designed using high tech computer program to create what we term, an "Aerodynamically Accurate" profile.


    Technically Advanced Engineering:

    It's what's on the inside that counts.

    More than 3 years of R&D went into the design and construction of our DISC wheels. The technology hidden underneath the perfectly laid 3K and 12K carbon sheets blows my mind every time I see it. The prototype images you see here gives you a glimpse of what lies underneath the surface and a better understanding of why these DISC wheels are so dynamically efficient and effective.

    Radiating out from the central carbon core are 8 I-Beam styled carbon supports which are in turn attached to the outer rim. This system has been engineered to optimize power transfer and structural strength while at the same time eliminating unwanted weight. Part of this weight loss plan includes the use of (what our composite engineers call) "structure" foam. The structural foam core is incorporated into the carbon layers, providing additional strength and support to key areas of the wheels design while minimizing weight gain.

    The Difference Between our 3K and 12K disc wheels.

    On average, the 12K wheels are 120 grams less

    Both wheels utilize the same internal structure, in terms of power transfer and aerodynamic benefits, they are the same.

    3K and 12K refers to the density of the carbon material applied to the outer "skin" of the DISC wheel, the carbon material you see on the sides of the wheel. 12K is denser than 3K, the carbon sheets are finer so they weigh less.

    Which is better, 3K or 12K?

    The 12K model is best suited to riders who weigh less than 70kgs.

    The 3K model is best suited to riders 70kg plus.


    Rim External Width: 27.5mm

    Rim Internal Width: Wide 21mm

    Compatible Tyre Widths: 25mm - 28mm

    Weight: 1220 grams


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