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Craftworx Omnium Track Hubs

Weight: 529g


Craftworx Omnium Track Hubs are the perfect all rounder for track racing.

Based on the success of our Limited Edition Retro Hubs we decided to do a High Flange version for the track.


Designed and Tested by Craftworx

The Design

We wanted to design a track hub that would efficiently transfer the riders’ raw power into motion. The high flange design of our Limtied Edition Retro hubs seemed like the perfect place to start.

Zero flex and ultimate strength are the key to building a great set of track wheels. Using a high flange track hub design shortens the length of the spokes, increasing overall torsional and lateral stiffness in the wheels.

Like our Ultima Hubs, the Omnium hub shells are precision machined from a solid alloy billet. This is the only way top ensure the best possible strength for weight ratio.

For optimal rolling resistance and maximum speed we opted for low friction Enduro sealed bearings. To keep weight to a minimum and strength to a maximum, we used hollowed out Cro-Moly axles. Using slightly longer than standard axles ensures that the Omnium hubs will fit any frame with threads to spare.

Power transfer is critical so we went for a 28 spoke design. This drilling option ensures there is plenty of material left around the spoke holes while at the same time optimizing wheel strength.

We wanted to make sure that our Omnium hubs looked every bit as good as they performed. To achieve the deep black glossy luster, the hubs are first machine polished to a mirror like finish. After polishing, we apply the gloss black anodized coating.



  • Type : Craftworx Omnium Track Hubs
  • Drillings Front : 28H
  • Drillings Rear : 28H
  • O.L.D Front : 100mm
  • O.L.D Rear : 120mm
  • Materials : Body AL6061 - Axle Hollow Cro-Mo
  • Finish : High Polish with Anodized Gloss Black Finish, Laser Etched Logo
  • Bearings : Low Friction Japanese Sealed - Front x 2 - Rear x 2
  • Front Hub Weight : 214 grams
  • Rear Hub Weight : 315 grams


  • Lacing Patterns Front : Radial or Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Drive Side : Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Non Drive : Cross
  • Spoke Type : J-Bend
  • Spoke Gauge at Bend : 14G - 2.0mm
  • Spoke Tension : Maximum 100 kgf
  • Recommended Rider Weight : Up to 130kg
  • Recommended Use : Track, Fixie

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