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Ultima Sprint SL | Carbon | Road Wheelset | 1356g | 28/38mm Deep | 25mm Wide


Craftworx Ultima Carbon Sprint Plus
Road Wheel Set

Our Flagship Lightweigh Carbon Wheel Set - 1356 gram climbing weapons

The benchmark for performance in lightweight carbon road wheels. SL stands for Super Light. We've shred every gram of excess weight without compromising on strength and durability.

The 28mm deep front wheel reduces weight and improves handling. The 38mm rear wheel improves aerodynamics and power transfer for faster riding.

Lighter weight wheels that will make a meal out of the climbs. They are right at home on bunch rides, road races, triathlons and anything else.

Climb with ease and descend with confidence. Our specially developed brake pads give you loads of stopping power in all conditions.

OUR ABSOLUTE LIGHTEST CARBON ROAD WHEELS - These wheels take our amazing Ultima C38 set to the next level.

  • Lower profile C28 front rim to reduce weight, improve handling and reduce effects of cross winds on the wheel. This results in quicker acceleration, easier directional change and a more stable ride.
  • Upgraded to our Craftworx Ultima SL hubs. At only 247 grams, these are one of the lightest hubs on the market. But unlike some 'lightweight' hubs that cut corners and leave things out, we have achived crazy low weights through better engineering, design and superior materials.
  • Upgraded to bladed spokes. Bladed spokes are butted (thinned out to reduce weight) and the flattened reducing their footprint in the air, therefore creating less drag. This also makes the spoke lighter and stronger - Win + Win!
  • Upgraded quick release skewers to our Titanium version for extra weight saving (only 16 grams, but every little bit counts!!)
  • Will I notice a difference you ask?? You betcha! As good as the Ultima C38's are, these are next level again!

The Result is a lighter and more responsive wheel set for riders who want greater performance.

Yes, it comes at a greater price, but the performance improvements are very noticable!


The 25mm wide carbon rim is perfect for running 23mm, 25mm and 28mm road tyres allowing you to fine tune ride comfort and road handling. Suited to riders 50-90kgs.

There is also a HD - Heavy Dutyversion available for riders up to 110kg's

RACE PROVEN, UCI APPROVED CARBON ROAD WHEELS - Designed to perform at an elite level, yet affordable to all riders. No fake promises, just results. World Class Triathlete Emma Jackson rode our Ultima C28 Carbon wheels to 2 World Cup Race Podiums! Not everyone who rides our Ultima carbon wheels races, but it’s still comforting to know they are manufactured to, and exceed, UCI testing requirements.

HAND BUILT TO PERFECTION -Every wheel set is hand built by us here at Craftworx in our Brisbane workshop. We are wheel building specialists. Over time, we have perfected our wheel building craft. We have all the latest hi-tech equipment and follow a strict quality control process with every wheel to ensure it is built to our exacting standards. They have to be perfect!

HIGH PERFORMANCE, LOW TEMPERATURE, BRAKING SURFACE - In wet or dry conditions, Ultima carbon wheels stop with ease. Our carbon rims and brake pads have been developed to resist heat build up ( the biggest single reason why carbon rims “melt or delaminate” under prolonged braking ). Want proof, Emma Jackson, 4 months training in European Alps. 6,875km. Total elevation gain 76,200m. Longest descent 20 minutes. End result, zero wear on carbon rims, brake pad wear at 55%.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE BOX - Craftworx carbon brake pads, specially formulated for optimal braking performance in all weather and riding conditions. Supedooper lightweight TITANIUM quick release skewers, 54 grams. Craftworx rim tapes. Wheel care instructions and of course, the wheels!


2 Year Warranty on Carbon Road Wheels


Rim - Craftworx Ultima C28 Carbon Stealth 2018 Front / Craftworx Ultima C38 Carbon Stealth 2018 Rear

Height - 28mm Front / 38mm Rear

External - 25mm

Internal - 18.5mm

20H / 24H

Wheelset - 1356g

Front Wheel - 593g

Rear Wheel - 763g

Hub Model - Craftworx Ultima with Enduro Sealed Bearings

Bearings - Enduro Sealed Bearings

Freehub - Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo 10, 11 Speed Available

Bladed Stainless Steel

Brass Polyax Secure Lock


Recommended tyre with options 23mm - 28mm

Craftworx Titanium Quick Release Skewers

Craftworx Rim Tapes

Craftworx Carbon Specific Brake Pads

Warranty and Wheel Care Information

Craftworx Carbon Technology

Next Generation Carbon Technology & Performance

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great experience end to end, completely recommended

I purchased a set of Ultima 38 Aero SL, both the product itself and the help I received were superlative.

I was interested in the 50s and the 38s, I asked about a mixed set, was told it'd be ok. After a nice yarn with Mark, it was clear that I needed a set of 38s, not a mixed 38/50. Mark didn't push me either way, just offered opinion and advice freely, which made it a very pleasant experience unlike when you go to a big box store and they simply try to push the most expensive item onto you ASAP.

I was offered a customized red set for which Mark sent the photos within 5 minutes of the call. Within an hour of putting in my order, they had it packed away and sent to the post office. I received it within a week, and had a question for which I sent an email. I got a phone call back within 1hr of my email. You just can't this kind of service anywhere else!

The wheels themselves are amazing. I've put them onto an old Cervelo Team Soloist, and it flies when my legs to their part. :) Compared to a set of Bontrager Aeolus 3s I have on my other bike, these are in no way inferior - I'd happily ride these against any other wheel on the market. I will be recommending these to my mates when they start getting the upgrade itch.

Thanks guys.


Ultima 38 Aero SL | Carbon Road Wheels | 1375g | 38mm Deep | 25mm Wide

No excuses

I don't have any excuses any more, these wheels are light and stiff and roll true and forever. Its now down to my legs! Great to see a local wheel builder doing good things. Highly recommend buying direct rather than via numerous middlemen, result being the consumer ends up paying margin on margin.

Aero SL Carbon 38/50

Awesome set of wheels, buy right, buy local you won’t be disappointed.

Amazing in every aspect

Having had a discussion with Nathan it was established that the C28’s would be the most suitable Wheelset for my needs, and I am very pleased with the quality and performance. Remarkable build quality!