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Craftworx Retro "Limited Edition" Hubs

Weight: 337g

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Weight: 337g

or make 4 interest-free payments of $129.50 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info

High Flange Hubs are Back!

Craftworx Retro “Limited Edition” Road Hubs add a modern take to styling that dates back to the Eighties.

Rebuilding bikes from the 70’s, Eighties and Nineties has become quite popular and we wanted to make a Limited Edition hub set to celebrate the greats of old!

Designed by Craftworx

Hub Design

In fitting with their styling, Craftworx Retro hubs are only available in 28 Hole drillings and should be built using a 2 cross pattern. This is the ideal combination for maintaining a traditional look while building custom wheels that will have the strength and durability to outlast your bike!

Styling aside, everything about our Limited Edition Retro hubs is totally modern. We have taken the high flange hub design and engineered them to perform like only Craftworx hubs can.

To achieve ultimate strength and perfect tolerances, hub bodies, axles and cassette body have been precision machined from solid alloy billets.

The 11 speed, Shimano and Sram compatible cassette body has had additional heat treating and steel Anti-Bite Guard added for durability. The 3 Pawl, 9-tooth engagement gives the Retro hubs optimal power transfer and sounds really cool when freewheeling!

High precision Japanese sealed bearings are silky smooth. When built into a wheel our Retro hubs roll fast and light; you will think they are never going to stop!

To create the deep lustrous finish, our Retro hubs are polished until their surface reflects like a mirror. We them apply a clear anodise coating to protect them from the elements, maintaining their look for years to come.

With only 100 sets produced, our Craftworx Retro hubs are a genuine, Limited Edition model.

Freehub Body

To follow the current trend for faster engaging hubs with more teeth and more pawls, we would have to compromise on durability and strength of design. After analyzing and testing, we found that 3 synchronized pawls engaging simultaneously was the ideal combination for a light smooth and not too noisy mechanism.


High performance hubs require servicing to keep them running at their best. We recommend having your Craftworx hubs serviced every 10,000 kms.

The Enduro bearings used in our hubs have an optimum working life and should be checked, and when necessary, replaced during the service.

Freehub bodies should be checked for wear and when necessary replaced during servicing. Modern cassette designs tend to “bed in”, creating grooves in the hardened alloy body. Over time and use grooves become deeper, making it hard to remove and replace the cassette.

We carry replacement bearings and freehub bodies for all of hubs, they are available on our web site and are affordable to replace.



  • Type : Craftworx Retro "Limited Edition" Road Hubs
  • Drillings Front : 28H
  • Drillings Rear : 28H
  • O.L.D Front : 100mm
  • O.L.D Rear : 130mm
  • Materials : Body AL6061 - Axle AL7075  - Freehub AL7075
  • Freehub Compatibility : Shimano, SRAM 11, 10, 9 Speed
  • Freehub Engagement : 4 Pawl / 12 Teeth Synchronized
  • Finish : Polished with Corrosion Protecting Anodized Finish, Laser Etched Logo
  • Bearings : Low Friction Precision Japanese Sealed - Front x 2 - Rear x 4
  • Front Hub Weight : 112g
  • Rear Hub Weight : 225g
  • Skewers : Not Supplied - Order Separately


  • Lacing Patterns Front : Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Drive Side : Cross
  • Lacing Patterns Rear Non Drive : Cross
  • Spoke Type : J-Bend
  • Spoke Gauge : 14G - 2.0mm
  • Spoke Tension : Maximum 100 kgf
  • Recommended Rider Weight : Up to 120kg
  • Recommended Use : Road

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