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Ultima 30 HD | Alloy | Road Disc Wheelset | 1803g | 30mm Deep | 24mm Wide

Craftworx Ultima 30 HD
Road Disc Wheel Set

A lightweight road disc wheel set with an aero edge for riders up to 115kg's

The Ultima name is reserved for our very best wheels. with road disc bikes becoming more common, we have expanded our range to offer a full compliment of models to suit anyone.

The Ultima 30 is a deeper aero disc wheel set that also provide more strength and stiffness. At only 1803 grams it is sure to take a bit of weight out of the bike and give you better power transfer and handling.

The 30 deep profile is deep enough to provide some aerodynamic benefits without getting caught in the cross winds. They are ideal for any riding conditions from fast group rides, racing and they are light enough to tackle hilly terrain. They suit 25 & 28mm tyres perfectly and you can run them with tubes or tubeless!!

Built with our latest Ultima road disc hubs that can be adapted to suit any axle type. Not sure what type of axles you need? Give us a call!

Suitable for riders up to 115kg's, these wheels are also available in lower spoke counts for lighter riders and SHD (Super Heavy Duty) for heavier riders.


THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE UPGRADE -Light weight, 1803 grams, disc specific 700c alloy wheel set designed for strength and durability. New road bikes of any type usually come with a basic set of wheels and ones that may not be suitable for you, your size and the way you ride. Craftworx wheels options allow you to ride wheels that are tailored to you, and the way you ride. Suitable for riders up to 115kg and there are also standard built with lower spoke count for lighter riders and SHD (Super Heavy Duty) versions available with higher spoke counts to increase strength and stiffness for heavier and more powerful riders.

DEEPER PROFILE FOR MORE AERO SPEED AND INCREASED STRENGTH -The 30mm deep profile of the Ultims 30 Disc wheel set provides a more aero wheel than the Ultima 25 disc but also offers more stiffness. This allows for mor efficient transfer of power from the rider as well as improved handling. There is a samll weight penalty, but for stronger and heavier riders, the gains far out weigh the worries over extra weight.

MORE UPGRADES, MODERN TECHNOLOGIES -Lighter Hubs featuring oversized sealed bearings for very smooth spinning wheels and excelent durability. Fast engaging 6-pawl freehub, minimal lag, super durable and excellent sound. Over the years these has been many variations in axle types used in road disc bikes. Rather than having hundreds of hub types to suit all these variations (very expensive plus we simply don't have the room!) we have engineered an interchangeable end cap system where we can simply fit the correct end cap to suit your bike. This allows for less common combinations and if you upgrade your bike in the future to a bike with different axles, you can simply purchase the new end caps and take your wheels with you!

TUBELESS READY -Tubeless ready design runs on a 24mm wide rim platform allowing the you to run a variety of tyre widths ranging from 25mm to 38mm, with or without tubes.

HAND BUILT BY CRAFTWORX -Producing high quality, hand built wheels is what we do and it's what makes Craftworx wheels special. Years of experience and skill goes into every wheel we build. Hand built with meticulous care and precision using processes that have been refined over the last 20+ years and the very latest in wheel building equipment.

Craftworx Ultima Wheels come with our 2 Year Warranty

Hand Built wheels ride better and last longer.

Craftworx are wheel building specialists. Over time, we have perfected our wheel building craft. We have all the high tech wheel building gadgets and QC check points to ensure that every wheel we build is perfect.

If for some reason you have a problem with your wheels, we're here to help!



Rim - Craftworx Ultima Disc 30 Alloy - Tubeless Ready Design

Height - 30mm

External - 24mm

Internal - 20mm

28 Hole Front & 28 Hole Rear

28H/28H - Front Wheel - 841g - Front Wheel - 962g - Wheelset - 1803g

Hub Model - Craftworx R35 Road Disc Hubs

Bearings - Precision Sealed Bearings

Freehub - Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo, 10, 11 Speed Compatible

Disc Brake Compatibility - Centrelock (6-Bolt Adaptors Available)

Double Butted Stainless Steel (Black)

Brass Pro-Lock (Black)


Compatible with 25mm - 35mm tyre widths

Tubeless Compatible Rim Tapes

Warranty and Wheel Care Information

Tubeless Valves Available (Extra Charge Applies)

6 Bolt Disc Adaptors Available (Extra Charge Applies)

Need help choosing your next set of wheels?

We're here to help.

Need help choosing your next set of wheels?

We're here to help.

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