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Mountain Bike Wheel Guarantee




Our mountain bike wheels are born and bred for trail riding, but sometimes, when you’re out riding the trails, Shit Happens. This Guarantee is for one of these moments.

Unseen tree roots (or trees), misjudged jumps, whatever the obstacle or unexpected event… if you damage or break one of your Craftworx mountain bike wheels in the first 12 months of owning it, we’ll fix it for FREE.

This is a one time only offer so don’t go out of your way, or put yourself intentionally in harms way, just to get a freebie. The whole idea is for us to gather worthwhile data and information on how our mountain bike wheels are coping with trail life. We do a lot of pre release testing of our products but nothing beats real life riding by Average Joe, the mountain biker.

If you get to the end of your 12 months and your wheels are running sure and strong, drop them in for a free health check.



This is “Gentleman’s Agreement” that we offer in good faith (it is not contractual), so there are a few conditions that we place on this Guarantee.

No 1.  Please don’t intentionally place yourself or a fellow rider at risk by intentionally trying to break your wheels, that would be very silly.

No 2.  If there is an element of the ridiculous to it, the deal is off.

No 3.  The cost of sending your wheel back to be repaired is at your expense. You must also pay the cost of shipping the wheel back to you, unless you are dropping into our workshop in person. If you are sending them back, please call us before hand so we can tell you what you need to do.

No 4.  The wheel must be clean when it comes back to us. This one is very important!

No 5.  All workshop jobs are on a first in, first out basis so you will need to be patient and wait your turn.

No 6.  You must have proof of purchase and ID so we know it is your wheel. The deal is for the original owner only.

No 7.  We keep the damaged parts for testing and analysis.

No 8.  We are always up for hearing stories of carnage and disaster so feel free to share your story.

No 9.  This is a one wheel, one time only offer, so have fun, ride safe and don’t do anything stupid!