Brake Pads

If you are putting new wheels in your bike, you should be fitting new brake pads at the same time, even if they are quite new.

Brake Pads are supplied with all Craftworx Ultima Carbon Road Wheel Sets, you will find these in the box. You need to fit these when you fit your new wheels to your bike. For alloy wheels we recommend using a high quality brake pad.

Do not use your old brake pads as they may be contaminated and damage the braking surface on your new wheels, they can also void your warranty if they are not approved.

Brake pads wear with use and can pick up debris. For this reason you should check your brake pads when you are cleaning your wheels, this will greatly decrease the chances of premature wear or damage to the braking surface. We recommend replacing the brake pads every 6 months to prolong the life of your wheels.

Please only use approved brake pads on your Craftworx Custom Wheels. If you are not sure what to use, please give us a call. We sell replacement brake pads at competitive prices.

Craftworx Ultima Carbon wheels MUST ONLY be used with CRAFTWORX ULTIMA CARBON BRAKE PADS! These pads have specifically been designed to work with our wheels, so they must be used. We stock them, so order online, over the phone or in person anytime.