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Craftworx | Ultima C50 | Carbon | 700c | 474g | 50mm Deep | 25mm Wide | Black


Craftworx Ultima Carbon C50 Rims

Aerodynamics, Speed and Power. Best for Fast Riding and Time Trials.

Combination of speed, aerodynamics and strength make the 50mm deep profile ideal for the stronger, more aggressive riders.


The primary function of our Ultima carbon rim designs is to enhance ride quality, rider comfort and overall dynamic performance. Research and development has shown that our wide profile designs create a stable, more responsive wheel, transferring power more efficiently and generating more speed. Enhanced wheel compliance improves rider comfort which in turn reduces fatigue.

We have tested our wheels with 23mm, 25mm and 28mm tyre combinations to ensure you get the very best performance no matter what your tyre preference.

WIDE RIM DESIGN - Widening the rim reduces the balloon effect of a tyre making it more stable in maneuvers and less prone to burping.

NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY- Found in all Craftworx Carbon wheels, this technology helps to provide a reduction in vibration that is transmitted to the rider, leading to a significant drop in rider fatigue.

QUALITY ASSURANCE ON ALL CARBON RIMS-  Every rim is kept in a temperature controlled environment and log every minute the material is outside that environment, we precision laser cut all materials, we precisely monitor the cure temperature and pressure of each rim, we check for construction and geometric irregularities or each finished rim, we batch test mechanical properties of the rims and finally we weigh every rim.

RESIN SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES - We have worked with chemists to maximise specific mechanical properties of our resin system in the pursuit of producing the most robust, best handling rims available. These include laminate strength, impact toughness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, UV protection and stain resistance, amongst others.



All Craftworx Carbon Rims are covered for 12 Months from the Date of Purchase. See full warranty outline for more details.



Rim - Craftworx Ultima Carbon

Height - 50mm

Width - 25mm

Diameter - 700c

20, 24 and 28 Hole Options.


Integrated Low Temperature Braking Surface


Invisible Weld

Proprietary Carbon Blend

Graphics - Matte Black rim with Fine Glossy Black Graphic

Craftworx Carbon Technology

Next Generation Carbon Technology & Performance

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