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Ultima AERO - Rim Brake Wheels


Performance Upgrade for Rim Brake Bikes

If you want to improve the way your bike rides and handles, upgrade your wheels, it will transform your ride and give it new lease on life. Most of my clients say it is like riding an new bike. Faster, improved handling and more fun to ride.


Why choose Ultima AERO?

Aerodynamics isn't really what AERO is all about. The AERO runs the same hubs and spokes as the SSL but are slightly heavier because the rims are heavier and this is where they differ.

AERO is wider, deeper and slightly heavier on the scales than the SSL and this is why they are different to ride. The deeper, wider, rim profile provides more lateral and torsional stability which suits stronger riders. The extra grams in the outer rim increases the centrifugal force benefits as the wheel increase in speed which means you use less energy once they are up to speed.

What I like is their solid feel and get up and go responsiveness. The AERO's mean business and love to go faster, when you put the power down, they are eager and ready for more.


Machined Brake Surface: The brake surface is silver (not black as in the pictures)

Rim Depth:  30mm

External Rim Width:  24mm

Internal Rim Width: 20mm

Tyre Compatibility:  Tubeless or Clincher (with tubes)

Hubs:  Craftworx Ultima 6 with 6 Pawls and 72 Engagement Points

Spokes:Triple ButtedStainless Steel

Nipples: Alloy ProLock

Combined Weight – 1589 grams

Note:  Skewers not supplied

Customer Reviews

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Paul Roxanas
Ultima Upgrade

Absolutely fantastic upgrade for the road bike. Light, fast and compliant they perfectly matched the 25mm tubless tyres to make riding pure joy.