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Craftworx | Ultima 25 | Disc | 700c | 420g | 25mm Deep | 24mm Wide | Black

Craftworx Ultima 25
Road Disc Wheel Set

A lightweight comfortable wheel set for everyday use.

The Ultima name is reserved for our very best rims. with road disc bikes becoming more common, we have expanded our range to offer a full compliment of models to suit anyone.

The Ultima 25 is the all round rim that is very light and very fast. The 25mm deep profile and 24mm wide rim give a very comfortable ride feel so it is ideal for less than perfect roads, long days in the saddle and it is the choice for the hills. They suit 25 & 28mm tyres perfectly!


THE ULTIMATE IN PERFORMANCE AND RIDE QUALITY -The Ultima range of Craftworx products are produced with the very best materials, manufacturing methods and design that is possible today! The Ultima 25 rim is very light and delivers a ride that will make your bike so much more enjoyable to ride, and also a lot faster!

UPGRADE TO FASTER LIGHTER WHEELS -There are a huge range of disc brake road bikes on the market these days, but they are mostly let down by a budget wheel spec. If your hubs are decent, then it may be worth upgrading your wheels with better rims. Our customers often complain of a dead feeling, sluggish bike, but a simple rim upgrade can deliver a lively, faster bike.

25MM DEPTH FOR OPTIMUM BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE, WEIGHT AND COMFORT -The Ultima 25 rim's profile deilvers a ride quality that will reward lighter riders, or those who spend long days in the saddle. The shallower profile has more vertical flex allowing it to roll over rougher terrain better than a deeper rim, yet the design of the rim allows for stiffness in the right areas for maximum power transfer and cornering stability.

OPTIMISED FOR MODERN TYRES -The 24mm wide profile of this rim is ideal for any tyre size from 25mm upwards. Disc bikes allow for larger tyres as they don't need to fit through a brake calliper any more, so wider tyres are becoming the norm. A wider tyre needs a wider rim in order to maximise its benefits.


WARRANTY.Our no hassle warranty covers your wheels for a period of 12 Months from when you buy them.


Rim - Craftworx Ultima 25

Height - 25mm

External - 24mm

24H Front & 24H Rear

HD (Heavy Duty) & SHD (Super Heavy Duty) versions are available for heavier/stronger riders. Higher spoke counts increase the strength and stiffness.

20/24 - FRONT 773g - REAR 898g - COMBINED 1590g

Weights may vary by up to 25g per wheel

Hub Model - H Plus Son 'The Hub'

Bearings - Precision Sealed Bearings for smooth, fast rolling and maximum durability

Freehub - Available for Shimano/Sram 10 and 11 Speed or Campagnolo

Butted Stainless Steel (Black)


Presta - Suitable Valve Length 48mm-60mm

23mm - 28mm

20/24 - Up to 95kg


Supplied With

Quick Release Skewers:118g

Rim Tape Fitted

Warrantyand Wheel Care Information

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