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Ultima C28 | Carbon | Road Disc Wheelset | 1531g | 28mm Deep | 25mm Wide


Craftworx Ultima Carbon C28
Disc Road Wheel Set

Everything you expect from high end carbon road wheels, but without the price tag!

Two years ago, after extensive testing and development, we released our Ultima Carbon road wheels. in January 2018, we launched the road disc models. Our customers loved the way these wheels ride, so when it came to the disc brake version, we wanted to give the same experience for

Our C28 road disc wheel set utilizes the same deisgn and technology developed for our rim brake model, then adapted and tuned for road disc.

The end result is exceptionally light (1531g) and versatile carbon wheels that will transform the way your bike rides.

Ultima Carbon C28 Disc wheels are available in standard and HD (Heavy Duty) options.


SUPER LIGHT, INCREDIBLY FAST AND DYNAMICALLY RESPONSIVE IN ALL RIDING CONDITIONS -When you consider wheels that come standard on most road disc bikes are between 2000 and 2500 grams, At 1531grams our Disc C28 carbon wheels are seriously light. Dropping weight like this will help your bike accelerate faster and ride quicker. The shallow profile also helps to increase the comfort of the wheel so if the roads around you are less than perfect, these will help iron out some of those bumps.

BEST FOR CLIMBING, DESCENDING, SPRINTING AND EVERYDAY RIDING -Our C28 Disc Ultralite Carbon Wheel deep profile suits most riders in all riding conditions, with the flexibility of fine tuning comfort and control.

MORE UPGRADES, MODERN TECHNOLOGIES -Lighter Hubs featuring oversized sealed bearings for very smooth spinning wheels and excelent durability. Fast engaging 6-pawl freehub, minimal lag, super durable and excellent sound. Over the years these has been many variations in axle types used in road disc bikes. Rather than having hubdreds of hub types to suit all these variations (very expensive plus we simply don't have the room!) w ehave engineered an interchangeable end cap system where we can simply fit the correct end cap to suit your bike. This allows for less common combinations and if you upgrade your bike in the future to a bike with different axles, you can simply purchase the new end caps and take your wheels with you!

HAND BUILT BY CRAFTWORX -Producing high quality, hand built wheels is what we do and it's what makes Craftworx wheels special. Years of experience and skill goes into every wheel we build. Hand built with meticulous care and precision using processes that have been refined over the last 20+ years.

Ultima Road Disc Wheelsets come with our 2 Year Warranty

Hand Built wheels ride better and last longer.

Craftworx are wheel building specialists. Over time, we have perfected our wheel building craft. We have all the high tech wheel building gadgets and QC check points to ensure that every wheel we build is perfect!

Craftworx wheels are covered by our 2-Year, Hassle Free Warranty.


Rim - Craftworx Ultima Disc Specific Carbon Rims - 28mm Profile

Height - 28mm

External - 25mm

Internal - 18.5mm

Available in 24H, 28H and 32H Combinations

24H/24H - Front Wheel - 719g - Rear Wheel - 812g - Wheelset - 1531g

24H/24H - Front Wheel - 742g - Rear Wheel - 835g - Wheelset - 1577g

32H/32H - Front Wheel - 765g - Rear Wheel - 858g - Wheelset - 1623g

Hub Model - Craftworx R35 Road Disc Hubs

Bearings - Oversized Precision Sealed Bearings

Freehub - Shimano/Sram 10/ 11 speed or Campagnolo

Disc Brake Compatibility - Centrelock - (6 Bolt Adaptors Available)

Lightweight Bladed Aero Stainless Steel (Black)



Recommend tyre widths 25mm - 28mm

Craftworx Rim Tapes

Wheel Care Instructions

6 Bolt Disc Adaptors Available (Extra Charge Applies)

Craftworx Carbon Technology

Next Generation Carbon Technology & Performance

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
No excuses

I don't have any excuses any more, these wheels are light and stiff and roll true and forever. Its now down to my legs! Great to see a local wheel builder doing good things. Highly recommend buying direct rather than via numerous middlemen, result being the consumer ends up paying margin on margin.

Aero SL Carbon 38/50

Awesome set of wheels, buy right, buy local you won’t be disappointed.

Amazing in every aspect

Having had a discussion with Nathan it was established that the C28’s would be the most suitable Wheelset for my needs, and I am very pleased with the quality and performance. Remarkable build quality!

New wheels

Absolutely brilliant, smooth ride, really accelerate up hill, superb on corrugated dirt roads, great service

Great carbon wheel set

Great stiff and light wheel set. I wanted carbon rims to use daily not just in”special occasions/racing” situations. Good quality and very quiet.