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Monster Series - Premium Plus Size Alloy Mountain Bike Wheels

Confidence-Inspiring Wheels For Lording It Over the Trails

Thereʼs nothing like hitting new trails knowing youʼve got the wheel- traction to back you up through the unknown. With a pair of Craftworx Monster Plus MTB wheels, youʼll never lack for plush comfort or total ride stability as you roll through the outdoors with confidence.

Hereʼs the deal – plus size tyres are making waves in e-bike and MTB communities for their pillowy ride quality, but most wheels out there arenʼt built to accommodate them. We built the Monster wheelset wide – 45mm wide, to be exact – to give you the room to ride the best plus size tyres available today. Doing so allows you to run your tyres at low pressures so that they soak up whatever turbulence the trail dishes out.

On blown out, sandy, or muddy trails, plus size wheel and tyre combinations truly shine. The internal width of the Monster wheelset combined with low tyre pressure equates to sticky traction as your wheels dig in with every rotation. Run our plus size Monster MTB wheels on e-bikes, hardtails, or rigid MTBs – the choice is yours.

Oh, and did we mention theyʼre tubeless ready? Yeah, thatʼs right. Maybe you hate changing flats as much as we do. Go tubeless, and kiss punctures goodbye.

Sure, theyʼre called Monsters, but doesnʼt mean they come with a frightening weight penalty. Weighing in at 1992 grams and handmade of high-performance hybrid alloy, the Monster lets you go wide and light at the same time.

We know that just ʼcause you like a comfy ride doesnʼt mean you want to ride slowly. So, we integrated our brand new Stealth Hubs to make sure that when youʼre ready to put the pedal to the metal, our hubs deliver the power so you can jam up and over any hill in sight. With 72- point engagement and monstrously oversized sealed bearings, our Stealth Hubs reduce the amount you have to spin the pedals to get moving.

Thereʼs plenty of reasons to ride plus sized wheels, but the one we like best is that theyʼre just more fun!

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Monster | 27.5+ | Mountain Bike Wheelset | from 1992g | 45mm Internal Width

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*Wheelset weights will vary based on the configuration chosen.

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