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Backroads 36 - Gravel Wheels - Carbon - 650b - 1395g



A serious performance upgrade for any gravel bike.

If you want to improve the way your bike rides and handles, upgrade your wheels, it will transform your ride and give it new lease on life. Most of my clients say it is like riding an new bike. More speed, more compliance, improved handling and most importantly, more fun to ride!


Why choose BACKROADS 36?

Simply put, these carbon gravel wheels do everything better.

They have the compliance, agility and lively feel of Xtrail combined with the solid, in control feel of Enduro.

Compared to our Xtrail and Enduro models (our alloy gravel wheels), they are stronger and more durable. The strength and durability comes from the carbon rims. Using carbon also reduces weight, Backroads 36 are between 70 and 120 grams lighter. It might not sound like much, but the difference in acceleration and handling dynamics is very obvious.

What does this mean for general gravel riding?

They accelerate faster, with less effort and hold speed easier making your bike feel lighter and more lively. The added compliance gives you a smoother, more comfortable ride by reducing trail chatter and vibration.

Backroads 36 carbon wheels are deeper (36mm) and wider (26mm Internal) providing more lateral and torsional stability. On the bike, this translates into improved handling and control making your bike feel more agile on trails and easier to control.


Rim Construction: Toray 700 Series Carbon with Hooked Bead

Rim Depth:  36mm

External Rim Width:  31mm

Internal Rim Width: 25mm

Tyre Compatibility:  32 to 50mm Tubeless or Clincher (with tubes)

Hubs:  Craftworx Ultima GR    12x100 Front | 12x142 Rear

Spokes: Bladed Stainless Steel   (28H/28H)

Nipples: Alloy ProLock

Combined Weight – 1395 grams

Note:  Through axles not supplied


Shimano and XD and XDR Freehub Body Options Available.

We will call you to confirm which option you require.

$19.95 Shipping Australia Wide

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