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XTRM Tacky Light 2.0


Tacky Light 2.0 Bar Tape has been developed to ensure maximum comfort and grip without compromising on weight.

Paired with our patented Anti-dirt coating and Anti-fade finish, Tacky Light 2.0 Bar Tape is available in 14 unique colours. The stretchy materials used in our Tacky Light models makes installation a breeze.

XTRM are recognised as world leaders in Handle Bar Tape manufacturing, and are responsible for producing Handle Bar Tape for many of the leading global bicycle brands, including SUPACAZ.


- Extra comfort and cushioning for longer rides and rough roads
- Patented Anti-dirt Coating
- Our Tacky Coating provides superior grip in all weather conditions
- Moisture absorption properties
- Eco friendly material
- Breathable textile
-The stretchy material in Tacky Light models makes installation a breeze

Whats In The Box

- Enough Bar Tape to wrap your handlebars
- 2 Colour coded finishing strips
- 2 Colour coded handlebar end plugs


Structure : Two Layer Structure
Substrate: Cushioned Foam
Dimensions: 2160mm x 30mm x 2.0mm

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